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Fiber Optic Cleaver MAX-CI-03B

Fiber Optic Cleaver MAX-CI-03B

Single action fiber optic cleaver MAX CI-03B, high precision cleaver for single fibers or ribbon fiber cables (HI-4 or HI-8 or HI-12 ). B is an option equipped with fiber collector.

Fiber Optic Cleaver MAX-CI-03B Features:
Automatic single operation mechanism
Typical cleave angle: 90 ± 0.5
Fiber holder adaptation
Configuration: single & ribbon fiber
High precision cleaving blade with 16 cleave spots
Scratch-free anodized body surface
Adjustable cleave length:5~20mm for single fiber,10mm for ribbon fiber
Simplified blade adjustment & replacements
Built-in maintenance tool attached: on the bottom
CI-03B: single fiber cleave
CI-03M: ribbon fiber cleave

Fiber Optic Cleaver MAX-CI-03B Applications:
Fiber preparation

New Zealand Fiber Optics

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New Zealand Service center: Manukau, Auckland

Factory in Asia: Shangxue Industrial Area, Shenzhen

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