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Fiber Optic OTDR AV6413

Fiber Optic OTDR AV6413

The AV6413 Handheld OTDR is a high performance mini-OTDR, which is small, lightweight and rugged. AV6413 OTDR has a large color LCD and a USB interface. It also features a long battery operation life. With the AV6413 Optical Time Domain Reflectometer, you can measure unit /connection/transmission loss and locate faults or breaks on optical fibers.

It is widely applied in the manufacture, construction and maintenance of optical fibers.

Chinese AV6413 Handheld OTDR, 1310/1550nm, dynamic range 24/32/35/37/38/40/42dB, event dead zone 1.6/1.6m, attenuation dead zone 10/10m.

AV6413 Handheld OTDR Features:
♦ 24/32/35/37/38/42/40dB high dynamic range, enabling extra-long distance measurement
♦ 0.1m sample resolution with 65535 sampling points
♦ 1.6m extra-short event dead zone
♦ Large color LCD display, touch screen operation
♦ High accuracy and stability
♦ Auto measuring with high sped, one-button operation
♦ Large internal memory for data storage
♦ Write/read file in Bellcore GR196 file format
♦ Intelligent battery capacity display
♦ Battery operation life over 8 hours
♦ Unique USB interface for connectivity and data storage
♦ Attached with trace analyzing software, professional report can be generated immediately
♦ Unique function of updating system online, returning to factory is unnecessary