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X2-10GB-ZR-Cisco 10GBase-ZR X2

X2-10GB-ZR-Cisco 10GBase-ZR X2

Cisco X2-10GB-ZR supports link lengths of up to about 80 km on SMF. This interface is built according to Cisco optical specifications.

Pearlyond Transceiver is a leading manufacturer & supplier of X2-10GB-ZR transceivers. We have a large quantity of X2-10GB-ZR transceivers in stock and can ship the X2-10GB-ZR transceivers to you from warehouse. All of our X2-10GB-ZR transceivers are tested in-house prior to shipping to insure that they will arrive in perfect physical and working condition.

General Information
Product Number: X2-10GB-ZR
Product Name: Cisco 10GBase-ZR X2
Manufacturer: Pearlyond Transceiver
Form Factor: Plug-in module
Device Type: Transceiver module

Technical Specifications
Product Type: X2
Data Rate: 10Gbps
Wavelength: 1550nm
range: 80km (49.7 miles)
Connector Type: SC Duplex
Cable Type: Single-Mode Fiber (SMF)