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XFP-10GLR-OC192SR-Cisco 10GBase-LR XFP

XFP-10GLR-OC192SR-Cisco 10GBase-LR XFP

XFP-10GLR-OC192SR-Pearlyond has the XFP-10GLR-OC192SR transceiver in stock, tested, and ready to ship from stock.

XFP 10GLR OC192SR from our company is not second hand or used, but it is equal and brand new transceiver. Tested using original equipment from major companies in this industry, our XFP 10GLR OC192SR transceivers is ensured the compatibility. We pay attention to the packing and looking of the modules and make sure when you get the products, they are in perfect physical condition as well as working condition. Our XFP 10GLR OC192SR transceivers are shipped internationally with unbeatable prices.

General Information
Product Number: XFP-10GLR-OC192SR
Product Name: Cisco 10GBase-LR XFP
Manufacturer: Pearlyond Transceiver
Form Factor: Plug-in module
Device Type: Transceiver module

Technical Specifications
Product Type: XFP
Data Rate: 10Gbps
Wavelength: 1310nm
range: 10km
Connector Type: LC Duplex
Cable Type: Single-Mode Fiber (SMF)